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Repair of old AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) PCB.

A look at an old AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) PCB that I was asked if I could fix. these devices are used in generators to regulate the output voltage, which they do by varying the DC excitation of the rotating (rotor) central core of a generator. A generator works by spinning a polarised magnetic field inside an external (stator) group of coils to induce current in them as an alternating AC waveform. By varying the magnetic field of the internal rotor by applying DC current via slip rings, you can adjust the voltage generated.
In this case the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is powered by the output voltage and also uses it to monitor voltage and frequency. It doesn't regulate the frequency, since that is done by the device rotating the generator, but it can detect if it's dropping too low and stop applying excitation for protection against high current flow. It monitors the voltage and compares it to a set value to determine if DC excitation of the rotor is required, and if it is then this unit uses a thyristor to switch the power to the rotors excitation coil on one half of the output waveform.
The operation of these generators generally requires a residual magnetic field in the rotor to even start producing electricity, so if a generator has not been used in a long time and that field has diminished too low to induce enough current in the output (stator) windings to provide its own excitation current, then it is sometimes necessary to disconnect the excitation windings and apply a DC current briefly (often from a starter battery) with the correct polarity to put in a base magnetic field to get the system running again. This is called flashing.

This video also shows how some fairly innocent passive components can fail as opposed to the more common active components. In this case it was a resistor that was being used well within its rating, but failed in a manner that left no obvious sign of the damage you normally see with less passive resistor failure.

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vườn lan hiên nhà : Sir, how to remove the glue on the circuit
eisa abdullh : i have problem at AVR output DC voltage to armiture
Jassen Openshaw : Hey I have a similar board is there any replacement boards that I can use in place of this avr cant seem to find anyone in my country that will be able to fix the problem is the alternator doesn't build its voltage, i excited the field by sending 12v down f1 and f2 and this produced a higher voltage which i measured from U to V I have tried replacing with a generic avr it advised to try reflashing the field this did nothing max I can build the voltage is 10v but thats running the motor at full ball any help or advise will be appreciated thanks
mm malad : i have old avr i need you for explain
how does it working
Bikefarm Taiwan : Nice explanation of how that circuit works. Very helpful for those that want to learn how to understand circuits. Thanks
Murray Madness : I need to build a much simpler one..basically 15v dc to the rotor is good enough. The exciter winding produces 7vac, but once it is up to power, it produces 150vac, so makes it complicated. I am trying just a simple bridge with 15v zener, what will go wrong?
jeddy ngosa : Good video. I have learned alot from it. Keep it up
Tim Humphreys : Great video, thankyou. I have a Plessey Aerospace 25Kva 3 phase generator which is running over voltage. It has gradually crept up and gone past the ability of the trimpot on the front of the AVR box and will no longer hold after excitation. There are 6 circuit boards in the AVR box and I think I might have a go at testing/ replacing some of the common components after watching your video. Although one of the boards has 5 trimmer potentiometers/ resistors and one of the screws appears to be much further out than the others. Problem is there are 2x 20k 1x 5k 1x 2k and 1x1k so don't think i can compare them? Unless the one 20k is at min or max value then it might be worth adjusting to see the effect?
Muhammed khan : Hello
i am used the Avr on alternator but voltage is not increase on rated voltage.
then replaced the Avr few days is normal working but now off load is ok put on load then avr is below
how the problem
Tiago Silva : Hello Friend
I have a problem on my AVR MS1 / B card, burned the ZD1 and I do not have the reference, Could you help me and tell what the reference? thanks, greetings

AquaEl Circulator - Unboxing, Review & Modification. Great Shrimp Filter?

AquaEl Circulator 1000 unboxing, review and Modification. This filter is stronger than the AquaEl pat mini and has a few extra features. It is great for larger shrimp breeding tanks and can be considered as the best shrimp filter for bigger tanks.

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Karine T. Knudsen : I need to extend the outtake to use the circulator behind a sponge corner wall. How do I increase the outtake piece?
C Chalk : Does anyone know were in the US these can be purchased?
JUAN MANUEL SALVATIERRA VILLARROEL : Do you know where I can buy that filter in USA.
Kristian Downing : Wow! Let me tell you! I am brand new to the scape shrimp fish world, your videos are helping me very much! I currently have one shrimp and I'm looking to breed! Ive gotten a Top Fin 5.5g tank and I just am not happy with the layout and gravel I've used. ANY suggestions on what to do without purchasing a new tank all together before I go purchase new shrimp!?
Weid Mushdiq : Thanks for the video, is it quite enough for my fish tank which is standing in my bedroom?
Sam Sparks : Nice review :) Do you happen to have the diameter of the outlet? I'm thinking of an application where I put it in a built-in sump at the back of my aquarium with the outlet fitting snugly into the outlet hole of the sump
Joash Player : Sun Sun is good too and its dirt cheap
Pure Shrimp : My favourite brand of powerheads. Price and quality is great.
Great video
Professor Aquaria : Nice filter hack! Well done, and yes, who needs a manual anyway.




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