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Lenny Kravitz - The Chamber (Explicit)


Lenny Kravitz performing “The Chamber" © 2014 Roxie Records, Inc. under exclusive license to Kobalt Label Services America, Inc.

Elizabeth Sáenz : Si de sensualidad hablamos, Lenny Kravitz es la representación entre perfección y sensualidad, simplemente hermoso <3
Lilian Rodríguez : amo a este hombre por dios es divino, enigmatico, talentoso, todas sus canciones son un hit. sos mi amor imposible. la primera ves que lo escuche tenia 10 anos y me encanto sin verlo. ahora tengo 42 y no lo cambio por nada. saludos de uruguay
Raam Maqueabeli : Este tema no importa el año en el que lo escuches.. la rompe!!! One
Lotte : This isn't porn, this is PASSION
DEMOCRACIA Siglo XXI : Las cuatro estaciones de Vivaldi, Invierno, In the Chamber, Lenny no podrías haberlo hecho mejor ❤️

Chamber "Numb (Transfuse)" Official Music Video


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Video by: Errick Easterday
(@easterxdaily) |
Laser tech: Garrett at Lapis Laser Display, LLC

"Numb (Transfuse)" lyrics

Take your pain as my own,
Let it seep through every pore
as it consumes me
I’d give all I have to feel my nerves
burning with the pain of loss.

My selfishness has become
A conduit to your suffering,
The needle under nail.
The disappointment felt within yourself;
projections of all your greatest flaws

Fear, doubt, grief and regret

Drain this blood from my veins
It carries resentment
Remnants of the pain I felt
Now calloused and cold
A shell of my former self

Let go and forget
The agony and unrest
Relieve yourself of the
Fear, doubt, grief and regret

I am numb to the ache
Numb to the sadness
Numb to the misery

Drain this blood from my veins
it carries resentment
remnants of the pain I felt

I am numb
Numb to sadness
Numb to the misery
Mario Garofano : Probably the hardest single so far. The drumming is insane, such a cut-throat-ing track.
chaoticfirearm : Cannot stress how refreshing it is to see chaotic, mathy metalcore seeing a comeback. Beyond tired of the recycled breakdown fodder that most generic metalcore has turned into. The riffs and drumming on this song are dense as all fuck. Blows my mind how many weird tails and transitions they seamlessly blended into this still very ass beater song. This is real late 90's metalcore shit.
Joe Mathewson : This and boundaries’ new album are gonna be so goddamn good
Brian Koch : Nothing heavier than a drummer wearing gloves.
Nipulkrad Msinatagras : Now this is heavier than a quarter pound hamburger.

Firun der Chamber: Diskussioun mam Kameramann a Journalistin vun RTL.




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